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What to ask photographers when interviewing them

Knowing what to ask ahead of time can be tricky, especially if your photography experience starts and ends with the iPhone! Here are some things to ask, and some things may not have thought of:

How are images delivered?

  • These days, you want digital delivery so you can use the files, post them, and print them yourself if desired. Avoid photographers that make you purchase prints, this is an older way to do business and is usually just a way for the photographer to get more money from you. Also avoid photographers who restrict your ability to print your own photos.

  • That being said, it is good to have the option to purchase prints from your photographer if you decide to, but it should be your choice to do so (this is how we do things!).

Are the other things I might have to purchase after booking? What about additional fees?

  • Sometimes, photographers build in additional costs you might not notice initially. Sometimes there is a 'delivery fee', or you have to purchase additional images not included in your package. Maybe they only delivery up tp 250 photos, and you have to pay for additional ones.

  • With us, all images are included (minus ones where people are blinking, etc.) and there are no hidden fees you'd run into after booking!

Do you carry an extra camera and lens at the wedding?

  • This is a big one! Technology is good, but not 100% foolproof. Even the top of the line professional cameras and memory cards can fail (it is rare, but can and does happen). Make SURE your photographer carries an extra camera body and lens (both should be professional level) to ALL weddings! Hobbyist photographers don't think to do this as they have not been shooting long enough to know this, or the cost of a second camera prohibits them from having an extra camera at weddings.

  • You should also ask if they make redundant copies of your images. A good wedding photographer will have a camera that makes an extra copy to a separate memory card of all images as they are being photographed.

Where do you stand during the ceremony?

  • A quick search on youtube will yield lots of videos of photographers hovering right up by the couple during the ceremony, being intrusive and distracting and generally ruining the moment

  • A good photographer's images will LOOK as if the photographer was right up there with you, but in actuality they were at least a few rows back or more capturing the action

  • There are rare exceptions to this of course. Some smaller churches (i.e. UNM Alumni Chapel) are smaller and have rows ('pews') that come right up to where the couple stands. Sometimes, it can't be avoided

What is the delivery time for my wedding images?

  • The industry standard is about 6-8 weeks. We deliver in 20 business days!

Will my images be marked or watermarked in any way when I receive them?

  • Many photographers unfortunately still add their logo or signature to the bottom of images once delivered to clients. We don't do this as we feel you probably don't want to see our business logo each time you enjoy your photos

  • You may notice our logo on the images we host on our website, we only do this online to prevent other photographers or businesses from taking our images!

How does the booking and payment process work?

  • Make sure to ask when the final payment is due, how much you have to pay up front, and if you have to make payments.

  • Our process is simple: $250 holds your date with us, and you don't have to pay the rest until 3 weeks prior to the wedding. You can pay sooner or make payment if you choose to, but it is not necessary.

Other tips:

  • Share images you found online/pinterest/social media that you like with your photographer before booking! This helps us know what you like in your images!

  • The caveat to this is this: make sure the photographer's work looks at least somewhat similar to the photos you like! You're hiring at artist to create work for you, so it doesn't make sense to ask them to create images that look totally opposite of what they display on their website.


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