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Capture Memories with Musical Photos: A Fun Wedding Reception Game with a Photography Twist

The latest trend in wedding receptions is incorporating games for guests to play, such as the Shoe Game, as they are entertaining and provide great photo opportunities. The Musical Photos Game adds a photography twist and ensures that the couple gets a photo with every guest who attended their wedding.

"This a a great way to save time during family photos! Instead of a photo marathon after the ceremony, make it a fun game at the reception instead!"

The objective of the game is to visit every table for a photo in the duration of two average-length songs, although three songs could be used if the guest list is particularly large. It is crucial that couples work with their DJ or emcee in advance to ensure that announcements can be made, and guests are ready to participate. The announcement should be clear and audible, so guests understand the game.

Timing is an essential aspect of the Musical Photos Game. Couples should aim to play the game after the Grand Entrance when the tables are clear, and guests are seated. Right after dinner works well too, just

don't wait too long since people will want to get up and dance eventually! It is recommended we prep the first four tables separately to set an example for the others.

To make the game more enjoyable for guests, couples can turn it into a contest. They can encourage guests to have fun and take the best-posed group photos or come up with a themed pose. It is also important to remember to include the Head Table but save it for last to avoid interrupting dinner.

We've done this with couples at a number of venues (Tanoan, The View, Sandia) and it is always a hit Our most recent wedding had 26 tables with approximately 190 guests and we completed the game in an impressive 7 minutes!


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