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Why Family Photos Are Best Left for After the Ceremony

Wedding photography is an essential aspect of any wedding day, capturing memories that will last a lifetime. While many couples opt to take family photos before the ceremony, there are several reasons why family photos taken after the ceremony can be a better option.

Late Arrivals: Let's face it, guests will be late. Even if you insist they arrive early for photos, things happen that will cause the photos to be delayed while we wait for someone still in traffic. Ask us how we know!

A Fresh Look: Getting dressed for a wedding takes time. As in, more time than you think! After the ceremony, everyone is fully dressed and ready to go. Before though, everyone is still rushing around finishing and worrying about every other detail.

More Time: Family photos taken before the ceremony often takes up a significant portion of the wedding day schedule, leaving little time for other important events (first looks, anyone?). Taking family photos after the ceremony allows couples to focus on the ceremony itself, knowing that they will have plenty of time to take family photos later on.

Conflicts Avoided: There are many other memories to capture before the ceremony. From getting ready photos, to first looks, you might have a hard time also squeezing in family photos

First Look: Many couples don't want to see each other until the ceremony. This makes family photos difficult. Do you really want to take all those family photos while missing your other half? Weddings are for celebrating two families becoming one, so taking family photos without your new spouse may not be conducive to that.

A Happier Memory: Wedding ceremonies can be filled with stress and anxiety, and taking family photos before the ceremony can add to this stress. You both will have a million things on your mind right before the ceremony, so adding the element of herding large groups (while waiting on uncle Bob, who is still in traffic) for family photos rarely helps you get into the right mindset. By taking family photos after the ceremony, when everyone is in a more relaxed and joyful state, the photos will serve as a happier memory of the wedding day.

In conclusion, family photos taken after the wedding ceremony can provide a fresher, more relaxed look, improved quality, and a more celebratory atmosphere, making them a better option for capturing memories that will last a lifetime. If you're looking for the perfect way to capture your wedding day, consider taking your family photos after the ceremony and preserve those memories for years to come

You can't get moments like these before the ceremony:


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